History and Mission

The LGBTQ Scholars of Color Network was founded in 2014 by Drs. Kevin Nadal and Debra Joy Perez, in conjunction with CLAGS: The Center for LGBTQ Studies at the CUNY Graduate Center and the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The first LGBTQSOC meeting was held at John Jay College in October 2014 - with other founding members including Drs. Lourdes Follins, India Ornelas, Tonia Poteat, David Rivera, and Andrew Spieldenner. The first LGBTQSOC National Conference was held at John Jay College in New York City in April 2015, with 200 attendees from all over the U.S.


The mission of the LGBTQ Scholars of Color Network is to advocate for the academic and professional success of queer & trans communities of color through research, education, training, & activism. 


The purpose of this LGBTQ Scholars of Color network is to provide methodological, social, and spiritual support to LGBTQ Scholars of Color working to find solutions to social problems. The following goals and guiding principles are intended to ensure the success of historically underrepresented researchers and evaluators of color through strengthening ties, building capacity and increasing visibility. This network celebrates the accomplishments of LGBTQ scholars of color, and highlights their stories of courage, inspiration, and hope toward a stronger and vibrant community.

Goals and Guiding Principles:

● Share ideas and best practices for providing support, building capacity, and increasing opportunities for LGBTQ scholars of color, regardless of research area or discipline.

● Foster a collaborative network that is self-sustaining and organized 

● Prioritize the needs and interests of historically underrepresented scholars of color while actively considering the importance of intersectionality (e.g., race, gender, class) and a diversity of identities.

● Contribute to just and sustainable change by strengthening the pipeline of LGBTQ scholars of color.

Top: LGBTQSOC planning committee members with keynote speaker Dr. David Malebranche at 2015 Conference in New York.

Middle: Drs. Debra Joy Perez and Kevin Nadal at Latina Researchers Network Conference in 2014, where initial conversations led to LGBTQSOC.

Bottom: Participants of the inaugural LGBTQ Scholars of Color Meeting held October 2014 at John Jay College in New York City.




Kevin Nadal, Ph.D.

City University of New York


Debra Joy Perez, Ph.D.

Simmons University


David Julius Ford, Ph.D.

James Madison University

David Rivera, Ph.D.

Queens College

Marta Esquilin, Ed.M.

Rutgers University

Maria Scharron-del Río, Ph.D.

Brooklyn College

Andrew Spieldenner, Ph.D.

Cal State San Marcos

Natalie Alizaga, Ph.D., MPH

UC San Francisco

Mel Lewis, Ph.D.

St. Mary's College

San Francisco (2019)

Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. & Andrew Jollivette, Ph.D.

San Francisco State University

New York (2017)

Kevin Nadal, Ph.D.

Angelo Santos

City University of New York

New York (2015)

Kevin Nadal, Ph.D.

City University of New York

Center for LGBTQ Studies

City University of New York


Annie E. Casey Foundation


The Graduate Center- CUNY


Andrus Family Fund


Arcus Foundation

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